Builds 12 runways with a total length of 46,500 meters and 135 passenger bridges.

A joint venture established by Cengiz Holding as the leading company continues to add to the achievements of the Company in Turkey and abroad. The Group will build 165 passenger bridges, 4 terminal buildings, 3 technical blocks and air traffic tower, 8 control towers, 6 runways, 16 taxi roads, park space for 500 planes, a parking lot for 70 thousand vehicles and 6.5 million square meters of apron space. Istanbul’s new airport will cost EUR 10.25 billion and have a 200 million passenger capacity.

Project Processes

  • Rize – Artvin Airport,
    Rize/Artvin – Turkey
    Completion date, June 2022

Furthermore, two of the four airports built entirely on an artificial island were built by Cengiz Holding: Ordu-Giresun and Rize-Artvin airports.

  • Istanbul’s New Airport,
    Completion date, 2018

​Istanbul New Airport, which will be constructed on Build-Operate-Transfer Model basis, will be constructed with six runways that are independent of each other and with a capacity of 150 million passengers per year in the area between Yeniköy and Akpınar Villages on the European Side of Black Sea in İstanbul. The project which will be executed on the Black Sea coast of İstanbul will have an area of 80 million m2. The project will be executed in four stages, and the first stage will be completed in 42 months. When the project is completed, the airport will have a terminal area of 1,5 million m2, 165 passenger boarding bridges, 3 control towers, 4 terminal buildings, 6 independent runways, 16 taxiways, and 6,5 million m2 apron with a capacity of 500 aircraft. When it is fully in operation, the project will be one of the largest airports in the World, and it is the highest priced contract in the history of the Turkish Republic.​

  • Kuwait International Airport,
    Completion date, December 2018
  • Ordu-Giresun Airport,
    Completion date, 2015

​The following are carried out for Ordu-Giresun Airport, which will be the only airport that is constructed by sea embankment in Europe and the second airport of this type after Japan in the World: 417.500 m3 of foundation and crushed stone fill; 20.652.000 tonnes of fill; 8.430.000 tonnes of fortification rock; 947.400 m3 of dredging; and 528.918 m2 of field concrete.

  • Hawler International Airport,
    Erbil-Northern Iraq
    Completion date, 2010

Hawler International Airport has been designed according to a 1.5 million year passenger capacity. It is a complex project covering 72.000 m2 terminal building, tower, cargo, VIP, 24 auxiliary buildings and 4.8 km long runway, all electronic, mechanical and flight systems of taxi runway, apron and airport of same length.