​​​​​​​​Considering human resources as the most significant asset, Cengiz İnşaat has a human resources policy based on creating a specialized, highly-motivated and socially competent employee profile providing added value, and managing, guiding and developing the human resource.​  

Our Human Resources Policy
  • To ensure employment of the right persons for the right positions,
  • ​To utilize primarily the human resource available within the group for new positions,
  • ​To ensure the employees to assume duties conforming to their knowledge and skills,
  • ​To optimize psych​ological condition and motivation of employees at all levels, to create a collective awareness among the employees, making them feel like members of a family,
  • To create a healthy, safe and peaceful work environment in terms of occupational health and safety,
  • To identify training needs of employees, to prepare and implement training schedules accordingly,
  • To evaluate performances of employees on basis of objective criteria and award high performances,
  • To offer internship opportunities to university students,
  • To ensure an open communication environment,
  • To protect and improve all personal rights of the employees,​