Cengİz İnşaat as a company of Cengİz Holding;

Environmental sensitivity and the health and safety of the employees are basically of high priority in all management processes of Cengiz Construction. On this regard, our objective is to ensure continuous improvement of our environment and health / safety system by taking all necessary measures to prevent any damage to the environment and to human health.
We undertake to meet the following requirements in order to achieve these objectives:
  • To identify potential risks to the environment and human health always in advance and to take necessary measures,
  • To utilize natural resources and sources of power in an economic and effective manner,
  • To minimize negative impacts of our activities on people and the environment,
  • To raise awareness of our customers and suppliers in addition to all of our personnel on protection of health and the environment, and to organize necessary trainings if and when required,
  • To comply with statutory legislations of our country on the environmental and occupational safety, and with relevant rules of organizations with which we are registered as members,
  • To ensure continuous improvement in order to prevent recurrence of previous accidents and incidents,
  • ​​To ensure permanent accessibility of our policy for the parties concerned.
The entire personnel of Cengiz Construction are responsible for protecting human and environmental health.
The managers at the worksites, the facilities and the headquarters are liable to ensure all employees to adopt these policies and put them into practice.