Total length of completed and ongoing railway projects reach 686,831 meters. 146 bridges and viaducts with a total length of 39 km and 135 tunnels with a total length of 118 km were built. Also more than 135 km tunnel has been built in subway systems.

Cengiz Holding started metro works with the electromechanical works of 8 km of 4. Levent – Taksim Metro Line, Turkey’s first metro line. The Company was also responsible for the construction and equipment works of 4. Levent, Levent, Gayrettepe, Şişli, Osmanbey, and Taksim stations. In the following years, the Company was engaged in Yerköy-Yozgat-Sivas Railway, Ankara-Istanbul High-Speed Railway, and Kırıkkale-Yerköy Sector 2 Railway.

Project Processes

  • Križevci – Koprivnica Railway, 
    Completion date, November 2023

Line Length: 42,6 km

Line No: 2

Station No: 9 Nos

Bridge-Viaduct No/Length/Area : 17 Nos / 1961 m / 25.800m2

Cut and Cover Tunnel No/Length: 3 Nos single tube / 538 m

  • Elin Pelin – Kostenets Railway 
    Km: 22+554 – Km: 42+200 / Bulgaria
    Completion date, September 2025

Position 1: “Modernization of Railway Line Between Km: 22+554 and Km: 42+200 / Bulgaria

  • Diyarbakır – Mardin Mazıdağı Railway,
    Completion date, March 2022

Line Length: 53,8 km (1×1)

Design Speed:80 km/h

Station No:1

Bridge-Viaduct No / Length / Area: 3 Nos / 455 m / 3.412 m²

Cut and Cover Tunnel No / Length:3 Nos / 1.137 m

Excavation / Fill:12.136.597 m³

Concrete:85.204 m³

Rail:7.000 t

Ballast:134.566 m³

  • Bandırma-Bursa-Ayazma Railway,
    Completion date, July 2022
  • Gayrettepe-Istanbul New Airport Subway,
    Completion date, August 2022
  • Palu-Genç-Muş Railway,
    114 km
    Completion date, November 2018

​The following will be constructed under Palu-Genç-Muş Railway Project with a total length of 114 km (single track): 51 tunnels with a length of 15.045 m; 80 cut-and-cover tunnels with a length of 9.599 m; 42 bridges-viaducts with a length of 4.140 m.​

  • Gebze – Halkalı Suburban Railway Improvement
    (Marmaray – CR3)
    Completion date, March 2019
  • Ankara – Sivas Kırıkkale-Yerköy-Sector 2 Railway Project
    Kırıkkale – Yerköy
    Completion date, July 2017

​​The following will be carried out under this project, whereby 79,22 km Kırıkkale – Yerköy section of the Ankara-Sivas Railway Project is carried out: 13.5 million m3 of excavation; 9,5 million m3 of fill; 57.000 m of excavation; 790.000 m3 of concrete; 47.500 m3 of shotcrete. The following will be carried out under the project: 6 viaducts with a total length of 6.254 m; 7 bored tunnels with a length of 4.603 m; various retaining walls; 55 bridges and overpasses; 49 underpasses; and 131 box culverts.​

  • Ankara-Istanbul High-speed Railway,
    125 km
    Completion date, December 2015

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ankara High Speed Train Terminal which will be constructed on the land between Celal Bayar Avenue and the existing Terminal Building will be constructed on an area of 21.600 m2. The Terminal which will have a capacity of 50 thousand passengers per day and 15 million passengers per year will have waiting areas and kiosks on the ground floor. The two floors of the Terminal will be a five-star hotel, and there will be restaurants and cafeterias on the roof. The Terminal will have platforms and ticket offices under the ground floor, and under that floor a closed car park with a capacity of 3000 cars.​

  • Yerköy-Yozgat-Sivas Railway,
    143 km
    Completion date, June 2013

​The following were carried out under this project, whereby 287,6 km Yerköy-Yozgat-Sivas section of the Ankara-Sivas Railway Project is carried out: 100 million m3 of excavation; 35 million m3 of fill; 83.960 m of bored pile; 1.043.433 m3 of reinforced concrete; 149.000 m3 of plain concrete; and 102.935 m3 of shotcrete production. The project includes the following: 4 viaducts with a total length of 2.730 m; 7 bored tunnels with a total length of 10.100 m; 68 bridges and overpasses with a total length of 3.656 m; 154 underpasses; and 403 box culverts.​​

  • İstanbul,Taksim-4 Levent Subway,
    Completion date, 2000

​​​​​​​​It includes the electromechanical Works of the 8-km section of the İstanbul Metro between 4.Levent and Taksim and the construction and equipment Works of the 4. Levent – Levent – Gayrettepe – Şişli – Osmanbey – Taksim Stations. The project was commenced in 1997 and completed in 2000.​